Mage Slayers

The Warehouse
Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Campaign: Mage Slayers (A Splattering of People)

Setting: Warehouse district of town.

Objective: Gather information about the goings on inside of a specific warehouse.

Time: Day

DM Patrick
Ironeye Tron
Marin John
Irasa Seraphion Travis
Yara Sheilah
Syllas Tarin
Ali-ya Ray (absent)
Cora Tealeaf Tyler H (absent)
Elben Lanamros Andrew (absent)
Pannduh Tyler S (absent)


The five of us approached the warehouse, in an area of town dedicated to warehouses. Irasa entered first, followed by the rest of us. What we saw was a disturbing sight: three individuals, dressed in scientist’s attire, working over three slabs, each with an unconcious person laid on each. Each of the victims was restrained with straps and were connected to an apparatus that appeared to be pumping fluid from them and depositing this into two large vats, in the corner of the room.

By the time I entered the room, One of the scientists had been slain by our resident evil party member, whom was pleading to slay the remaining two. My immediate response was to cease this behaviour. I scanned the room, then went to one of the two cowering scientists and interrogated him. By this time, the scientist before me was in hysterics, as was his colleague, and was very difficult to understand. The only details that I could discern were his superior and the nature of their activity; one of the leaders of the town – Lord Tabris, and to extract ‘magic power’ from their ‘volunteering patients.’

I headed up the stairs to the mezzanine, where the only windows for the building are located. I instructed the evil member of our party (whom had already cut the wires and hoses from the two vicims) to take the interrogated scientist and place him on one of the slabs, to remove his clothing and restrain him with ropes procured from various party members. The scientist begged and screamed, but was tied to the slab. I commanded the evil one to gag the scientist and to tie and gag the other scientist to the other slab. Irasa, the evil one, dumped the two vicims onto the floor to make room for the two scientists (I had already checked the two victims to make sure they were stable). Ironeye had closed and broke the lock, so they couldn’t be opened, when he heard the arrival of guards, outside the building. Knocks at the front door that became louder; sounds from the windows above, indicated that the building was under siege.

Enter four guards, onto the mezzanine, via the windows. The first guard approached me, and attempted to take my arm, informing me that they needed to take us all into custody, that we don’t belong there. I informed him that we were there without the knowledge of this being a restricted area, and then directed their attention to the floor below, where the two scientists were laid upon the slabs, and the third one was lying dead, on the floor, near the two victims of the experiments. I began yelling at him about what kind of place this is, and demanded that he take me to his superior to demand an explanation. One of the other party members exclaimed that we were there, performing a surprise health inspection. As I was finishing my demands, a bolt sunk into the guard, dropping him to the floor at my feet. The other three guard immediately drew their weapons, in preparation for a battle. I dropped to my knees and began to proclaim to Moradin my faith and prayer to save me from his wrath in the depraved actions of those who worked there. I declared to the other guards that they should leave now, to avoid Moradin’s wrath. The next guard accused my party members and me of murdering the first guard, the scientist and restraining the other two scientists. I declared that I did not touch a single person in this room, that I am a holy follower of the one, true god, Moradin. I informed the guards that they should begin praying to Moradin, to avoid any further bloodshed. The next guard fell again, as he grabbed my arm; he was hit with another crossbow bolt. The next guard refused to touch me, but was firm with wanting to have us all leave. Another bolt hit him, dropping him. Irasa then joined in, approaching the last guard, requesting, of all things, a hug. The guard, backing up, refusing, trying to get away from our evil party member, when he backs up out an open window and falls to his death, outside the building, in the alley below. Attention was focused below, when the front door shattered. There were only two guards at the door, one was slain, but not before the other was sent to get backup. The decision to leave was made, but not before Irasa went in to ‘clean things up.’

We made our way back to the Thieves’ Guild, when we relayed our story of what we discovered.

Moradin is indeed a great and merciful god.


Getting off the AirShip

I. Search for AirShip Captain’s Daughter

5’3 Blond, Captins Daughter, Plain looks. “Sylva”
→ Need to find lost duaghter in Terellia
→ Captin of the ship (“Verness”) will be in port for 3-4 days
→ may find her in a tavern, bring back by force if necessary.

  • Shop goer knows her…stiffer a client at tavern “Foaming Sign” …generally doesn’t like.

Flags of Terellia → known for their religous zelotry, economy in decline, becoming more reclusive.
Audience with Lord Tabris
Some people in the Market Square are chained and collared. Bound on a leash.


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